The new normal is the hybrid workplace

Your employees can move seamlessly back and forth from the home and the office.

COVID-19 has created challenges in the workplace

As employees move from working at home to returning to the workplace, it’s important to reassure them that they can remain safe and healthy. Aruba can help with:
  • Preventive solutions like density planning to support in-office social distancing.
  • Contact tracing solutions can minimize risk and quickly identify anyone who may have come in contact with an infected person.
  • Wireless solutions to extend your corporate network into the home with a secure, easy to deploy, and cloud-managed alternative to consumer-grade network equipment.

The hybrid workplace in 4 steps

Aruba ESP powers the hybrid workplace with built-in network intelligence and cloud-native capabilities to keep workers safe and productive.

Extend the network to the home

Extend the network to the home

Here’s how it works. IT ships an AP to the employee’s home; the employee plugs it in, downloads a configuration from the cloud, and they’re all set. Centrally managed access credentials map to corporate policies to keep the network secure. And it’s all centralized managed from the cloud—IT gets full visibility and AIOps assisted troubleshooting from anywhere.

Reinforce in-office social distancing

Reinforce in-office social distancing

As employees return to the office, it’s important for facilities to be able to modify floorplans based on foot traffic or to change cleaning schedules based on density. With Aruba WLAN’s built-In network intelligence and location-aware capabilities, it’s easy to use density mapping to keep the workplace safe.

Minimize risk with contact tracing

Minimize risk with contact tracing

Aruba’s network-based approach uses both proximity and location telemetry to perform contact and location tracing, and the advanced AI capabilities ensure pinpoint accuracy so you’re able to see which people intersected and the exact location of the interaction. 

Consume As-a-Service

Consume As-a-Service

It’s now more important than ever to keep financial flexibility top of mind. Aruba's network-as-a-service options allow you to respond to rapidly changing business requirements, manage tight budgets, and easily deploy the latest networking technologies.

Products that support the Hybrid Workplace

Remote Access Points (RAPs)

Work from home with a solution that’s easy to deploy and manage. Aruba access points are automatically configured, so employees just plug them into any existing Internet connection and they’re ready to go.

Aruba APs

With integrated BLE support, Aruba 300 and 500 series APs work seamlessly with Aruba Location Services to deliver advanced contact tracing capabilities including granular location and proximity dashboarding.

Screenshot of the Aruba Central dashboard

Aruba Central

Built on a cloud-native microservices architecture, Central delivers full-service AI insights, security and unified infrastructure management for campus, branch, remote, and data center networks.

Contact Tracing screen in Meridian

Aruba Location Services

As you plan for the new normal—a hybrid workplace where employees seamlessly move between home and company locations—Aruba’s WLAN with fully integrated location services like heat mapping and contact tracing can help.

Calculate your cost savings

By reducing initial deployment overhead, as well as ongoing support and user downtime, Aruba Remote Access Points deliver a compelling ROI. To get an idea of your potential savings, adjust the calculator to your current or expected number of remote users.


By reducing IT overhead and lost user productivity, you could save:


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