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Enterprise Security with a Fluid Perimeter

Updated: April 18, 2019

As the perimeter evolves, more devices are being added--often devices that can't be logged, updated or monitored. This webcast will examine critical techniques to addressing this issue, including the role of baselining, integrating and automating response, and defending against attacks more quickly. You will also learn ​how recent attacks play into the fluid perimeter and specific action items for better protection.

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Does Your Network Have the Right Tools for the Job?

Updated: March 28, 2019

With the increasing demands on IT due to the explosion in the number of connected devices, your time and money are more valuable than ever. Join us as our featured speaker, Brandon Butler of IDC, shares how you can simplify day-to-day network administration tasks and increase visibility and control to save you time and get the most out of your network. Attend and you could qualify to receive a free Aruba Instant access point and a 90-day trial of Aruba Central, our cloud managed networking solution.

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2019: How Your Network Can Help Build Better Customer Relationships

Updated: February 14, 2019

Is attracting new customers and increasing sales at the top of your business’s priority list for 2019? You’re not alone. Roughly 70% of SMBs are investing or planning to invest over the next 1-2 years in technology to personalize and improve customer experience. Join us as Cherie Martin, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, and Josh Jaster, System Engineer, review two key features your network must have to take customer engagement to the next level.

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Multizone AP - Secure Mobility

Updated: February 7, 2019

Aruba’s centralized architecture provides a more secure Wi-Fi environment that is different from any other Wi-Fi vendor on the market today. This webinar details the implementation and key security advantages of this architecture in a federal government environment.

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Top Five Ways Your Network Can Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Updated: January 31, 2019

Seventy percent of today’s midsize businesses are investing in technology to customize the user experience, improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage. Learn about the Top 5 business-class features your network must have for you to automate and optimize the delivery of network services to drive your business success. A high-level discussion will be followed by a demo of Aruba Central, network management in the Cloud.

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802.11ax or 802.11ac: Which is Right for Your Business?

Updated: January 10, 2019

The industry is buzzing about the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard that will greatly increase wireless speed and optimize client battery life. Are you ready to take your network to the next level? Join us as Aruba’s Cherie Martin, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, shares the top three things you need to consider in deciding which technology to choose to give your business, employees, and guests, simple, business-class networking without sacrifice.

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Nine Steps to Building a Smarter Network

Updated: December 13, 2018

Did you know that over 50% of issues with network experience can be attributed to lack of pre-installation planning? There is a lot to consider, but the effort you put in up front saves time, money, and frustration over the life of your network. Join us as Cherie Martin, Network Solutions Manager, reviews the 9 critical steps you should take to ensure your network is smart and reliable.  

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Security for IT: Own Your Network and Data Protection

Updated: October 30, 2018

With the arrival of digital workplaces comes added security threats. Your business will need integrated and automated security controls to help protect your data from malware and unauthorized users. Including wireless intrusion detection and prevention, your network can be safeguarded from wireless threats, rogue access points and clients. As a trusted brand that provides next generation network solutions, Aruba helps keep business applications and data safe.

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Dislodging the Advanced Persistent Threat

Updated: October 4, 2018

Some cyberattacks are designed for the quick hit and a quick buck – think ransomware. Others are designed to emphasize stealth, sitting quietly and leaking confidential data while it burrows through the network, often using legitimate credentials of regular users and privileged accounts. Watch this webcast to explore how you can gain the upper hand over these attacks by combining granular access control with automated attack detection.

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802.11ax Deep Dive

Updated: August 15, 2018

The 802.11ax standard is completely redesigning how Wi-Fi works, taking best practices from LTE to achieve higher speeds, better network capacity, and longer battery life. View this webinar and get an in-depth tour of the key technical ingredients of the 802.11ax release, a discussion of how it works, and how you should prepare.

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2019 E-rate Update: Make the most of your funding

Updated: August 8, 2018

The E-rate program provides an average of $54,000 per site to install Wi-Fi on school campuses. Support is available for almost every K-12 institution in America, including charters and private schools. We want to make sure that you are taking advantage of everything this program has to offer. Attend this webinar to get up to the minute updates on the E-rate program from the CEO of Funds for Learning, John Harrington.

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Reducing Operational Costs with a Cloud-Managed Network

Updated: July 10, 2018

Whether you’re expanding a network to support new initiatives, navigating through growing security challenges, or planning a refresh of older technology; keeping costs down and saving IT staff’s time is key. View this webinar to learn how Aruba not only delivers the latest SMB networking technology, but helps reduce planning, deployment and operational costs.

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The Cyber Threat Landscape in K-12 Schools from the FBI’s Perspective

Updated: June 21, 2018

While cyber threats are exponentially increasing in volume, diversity and sophistication, they are rapidly outstripping our ability to safeguard critical data, applications and systems. View this webinar to hear SA Morgan explain how the FBI addresses the cyber threat, discuss the cyber threat landscape in K-12, and provide prevention and mitigation techniques that you can implement on your campus.

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Key Benefits for Moving to a Cloud-Managed Network

Updated: March 29, 2018

Is a cloud-managed network right for you? Businesses are moving to cloud-managed networks to simplify and automate how they set-up and maintain their networks. Check out this webinar to see how.

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Secure and Always-On Connectivity Changes the Game

Updated: February 26, 2018

With so many users and devices on the network at any given time, universities and colleges struggle to keep up with the demand for always-on connectivity. View this webinar to learn how to optimize your network infrastructure to tackle these challenges.

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E-rate 2018 Update

Updated: January 18, 2018

Attend this brief webinar to get up to the minute updates on the E-rate program and ask our E-rate experts any questions you may have. We will review important information for Funding Year 2018, such as Key Dates, Eligible Services, and USAC Announcements.

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Cyber Threat Predictions & Security for 2018

Updated: December 14, 2017

With major breaches exposing the personal information of hundreds of millions of Americans and disruptive ransomware attacks shaking the world in 2017, we examine the lessons learned from these events as a guide to shape CISO strategy for 2018.

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