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911 Secure

911 Secure provides E911 and NG911 solutions. In providing these services 911 Secure’s customer are compliant with Kari’s Law, Ray Baum’s Act and all state E911 legislation.

In partnering with Aruba, 911 Secure is able track the free movement of wireless devises. When a 911 is made 911 Secure provides the location information of the caller to the PSAP.


ABB develops innovative solutions in the electrification, industrial automation, motion, robotics, and discrete automation markets supported by the ABB Ability™ digital platform.

Aruba and ABB have partnered to enable Aruba's access points to integrate with ABB Ability Smart Sensors that monitor industrial devices for increased uptime and lower maintenance and operational costs.


ADVA’s Ensemble network functions virtualization (NFV) portfolio delivers critical components of these open networking solutions, providing customers with unprecedented choice and flexibility.

Aruba and Adva have partnered to enable service providers to use the Ensemble suite to deploy EdgeConnect as a virtual network function in order to leverage the NFV model of service delivery to efficiently deploy additional value-added services on top of their base SD-WAN offering.


AVSystem is a software provider known for large-scale device management, IoT and WiFi VAS solutions deployed for Service Providers and enterprises worldwide.

Aruba and AVSystem have partnered to integrate Aruba wireless with AVSystem Linkyfi for guest Wi-Fi and presence analytics in large venues.


Aruba and AWS have partnered to offer scalable, highly reliable, and secure cloud management and SD-WAN services. Aruba Central is hosted across multiple AWS regions, and offers multitenancy, strictly controlled authentication and authorization access, and encrypted traffic flows. Aruba SD-WAN solutions can be connected to customer AWS cloud environments via native VPC deployments or automated branch connectivity via AWS Transit Gateway.

AccelTex Solutions

AccelTex Solutions’ EnergyLynk platform allows for monitoring, management, and control of commercial lights, outlets, and other energy consuming devices.

Aruba and AccelTex Solutions have partnered to monitor and lower energy consumption using Aruba wireless enabled EnergyLynk light and load controllers, motion, and light sensors.


Accenture is a systems integrator that brings together many solutions to create a full mobile experience to support their customer needs.

Aruba and Accenture have partnered to create mobile experiences, including location, to support customers globally.

AiRista Flow

AiRISTA Flow is a leading provider of Wi-Fi-based real time location, process improvement, and hand hygiene solutions.

Aruba and AiRISTA have partnered to integrate Aruba access points, RFID asset badges and tags, AiRISTA's location tracking software to help customers locate, count and protect users and assets.


AirWatch enables enterprise-grade mobile device, application, and content security for corporate-owned or employee-owned devices.

Aruba and AirWatch have partnered to deliver real time network access policy management and enforcement through AirWatch MDM/EMM content exchange with ClearPass Policy Manager.


Aislelabs helps retailers understand customer behavior to help boost sales and customer satisfaction by analyzing traffic patterns.

Aruba and Aislelabs have partnered to enable retailers to visualize customer behavior by forwarding data from Aruba’s Analytics & Location Engine to Aislelab’s Flow for effective decision making.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) delivers communications and infrastructure solutions to help customers, IT engineers, business operations, and executives connect in a digital world.

Aruba and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise have partnered to provide captive portals as a seamless interface to external registration and payment sites to quickly and securely manage visitor network access.


Alkira provides a cloud delivered network infrastructure as-a-service solution that allows enterprises to deploy networks for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments with integrated security services and operational control.

Aruba and Alkira have partnered to develop a joint solution that enables enterprises to establish network connectivity between the EdgeConnect SD-WAN fabric and the cloud workloads attached to the Alkira Network Cloud, creating a single end-to-end networking environment spanning users, sites and cloud services.


AmberBox creates marketing-leading gunshot detection technology that automates the emergency process and delivers split-second information to protect lives in institutions across the US.

AmberBox and Aruba have partnered to ensure that first responders can be reliably notified that an active incident is in process. Applications include private and public institutions of all types and sizes.​


Analynk manufactures explosion-proof, Class 1, Division 1, Groups C&D, ATEX-certified enclosures and antennas.

Aruba and Analynk have partnered to enable Aruba wireless access points to be mounted on an Analynk enclosure and connecting approved conduit and cabling.


Apple is a world leader in innovation, product design and development, branding and marketing. They design, develop and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

Apple and Aruba have collaborated on validated reference designs and deployment guidelines to ensure the best Wi-Fi experience for customers using Apple mobile devices.


Arara provides personalized digital communication tools to improve retail Wi-Fi analytics and omnichannel processes.

Aruba and Arara have partnered to integrate the Arara Wi-Fi analytics platform with Aruba wireless infrastructure for retail and large public venues.

Armored Things

Armored Things is a Boston-based software company that helps large venues, corporate campuses, and universities understand how people utilize their spaces so they can make better use of spaces.

Aruba and Armored Things have partnered to provide for seamless integration of location and other contextual data from Aruba Wi-Fi infrastructure with Armored Things’ analytics platform.


Ascom Wireless Solutions is a leading provider of on-site wireless communications solutions based on VoWiFi, IP-DECT, DECT, Nurse Call and paging technologies.

Aruba and Ascom have partnered to deliver wireless VoIP, professional messaging and personal alarm functionality, as well as data capabilities over Aruba WLAN infrastructure.


Asimily is a Healthcare and Life Sciences focused firm solving for use cases around Inventory, Cyber-security and Operational management for medical, laboratory and connected devices.

Asimily and Aruba have partnered to integrate Asimily with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager to accurately identify and classify all connected devices and reduce risk in the network through automatic creation and enforcement of access control policies.

Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy Global Solutions is the world's largest supplier of hospitality door locks and in-room safes.

Aruba and Assa Abloy have partnered to enable Aruba access points to interoperate with VingCard in-room locks and connect them with Visionline management software. No separate Zigbee gateways required.


Astronics designs and manufactures power, connectivity, lighting, structure, interior, and test technologies for the world’s aerospace, defense, and other mission-critical industries.

Aruba and Astronics have partnered to integrate Aruba Wi-Fi access points with Astronics’ flight-qualified Edge Cabin Network infotainment systems for use by airlines worldwide.


Attivo provides dynamic deceptions for the real-time detection, analysis, and accelerated response to cyber incidents.

Aruba and Attivo have partnered to provide detailed attack forensics, actionable alerts, and automate incident response actions by integrating ClearPass with the Attivo deception platform.

B. Braun

B. Braun Medical develops, manufactures, and markets medical products and services to the healthcare industry.

Aruba and B. Braun have partnered to integrate B. Braun's Outlook 400ES Safety Infusion Pump System with Aruba Wi-Fi to deliver robust, secure wireless for healthcare institutions.


Bark for Schools is a student and staff safety product that detects potential problems across G Suite, Office 365, and Chrome.

Aruba and Bark have partnered to protect students by scanning online data including emails, chats, and files to find potential threats of violence, cyberbullying, suicidal ideation, and CSAM.


BARTEC PIXAVI designs and manufactures ATEX, CSA, and IECEx certifiedvideo collaboration products for hazardous areas.

Aruba and BARTEC PIXAVI have partnered to integrate Aruba BLE-enabled Wi-Fi access points with Wireless X explosion-proof enclosures for Zone 1 Intrinsically Safe applications.

BEC Technologies

BEC Technologies develops and manufactures 3G, 4G/LTE wireless broadband networking solutions for mobile operators, residential, enterprise and Industrial markets.

Aruba and BEC have partnered to create a joint solution that enables customers to incorporate robust, low-cost 4G/LTE CPE into any EdgeConnect deployment.


BMC delivers comprehensive portfolio of open, scalable and modular software, services and expertise to empower enterprises to run and reinvent their business.

Aruba and BMC have partnered to enable the IT Service Management (ITSM) process between Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager and BMC Remedy.

BSC Computer GmbH

BSC offers a full stack IoT-driven solution for a wide range of communications in smart home, building automation, smart spaces, AAL, M2M, IoT and Industry 4.0.

Users of Aruba and EnOcean USB infrastructure can now benefit from the complete solution from BSC Computer using the latest version of the BSC-Connect, which supports 180 sensors, 170 actuators and all EnOcean EEPs. BSC Computer is a member of the EnOcean Alliance. is an AI & Wi-Fi- based workplace occupancy analytics platform, providing corporate real estate teams and landlords with COVID response tools, office safety compliance and space optimization insights.

Aruba and Basking have partnered to integrate Basking's web-based app with Aruba Analytics and Location Engine for real-time workplace occupancy monitoring.


Bastille uses patented Software Defined Radio Sensors to detect and accurately locate authorized and rogue Cellular, Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi or IoT devices.

Aruba and Bastille have partnered to integrate ClearPass Policy Manager with Bastille Enterprise to enforce location-aware network access control policies for devices in secure environments.


Beabloo is a technology company that develops digital signage, analytics and AI solutions to personalize the customer experience in physical spaces.

Aruba and Beabloo have partnered to integrate Aruba Wi-Fi infrastructure with Beabloo’s Wi-Fi Customer Insight to better understand customers’ in-store behavior to optimize in-store campaigns and displays.


BlackBerry provides enterprises and governments with the software and services they need to secure IoT.

Aruba and BlackBerry have partnered to integrate ClearPass Policy Manager with BlackBerry UEM to obtain critical endpoint attributes about devices that are connecting to the network and enforce appropriate policies.

Blue Planet

Ciena Blue Planet provides open, multi-vendor SDN/NFV orchestration and management software and services for network operators.

Aruba and Ciena Blue Planet have partnered to enable complete lifecycle management of the EdgeConnect solution in NFV environments.

BlueSky Mast

BlueSky Mast designs and builds advanced multi-purpose, portable mast platforms for military communications and surveillance.

Aruba and BlueSky Mast have partnered to deliver a portable system for first responder and government usage by integrating BluSky Mast military-grade AL1, -2, and -3 masts with Aruba ruggedized APs.


Blyott is a company with a social mission - to free the hands of care workers for what drives them and what they do best: provide care.

The Blyott RTLS solution uses Bluetooth capable Aruba APs for indoor positioning of medical assets in healthcare without the need for an overlay infrastructure.


Broadcom helps organizations, governments and people secure their most important data with strategic, integrated solutions to defend against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, cloud and infrastructure.

Aruba and Broadcom have partnered to create a network access control solution for enterprise resources and applications thru and integration of Aruba ClearPass user and device authentication with the Symantec Endpoint Policy Manager (SEPM). To enhance branch security and provide advanced threat protection, Aruba supports SD-Branch and EdgeConnect SD-WAN integration with the Symantec Web Security Service (WSS).


The CXApp, An Inpixon Company, brings employees and teams closer together through real-time, campus to campus, and building to building on-site experiences serving the workplace of the future.

The CXApp and Aruba offering will equip your company with a powerful mobile solution inclusive of live indoor navigation, contextual experiences, and location technology that merges physical spaces and digital interactions across the workplace through one platform accessed anytime, anywhere.


CenTrak improves healthcare operational efficiency and the quality of patient with Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS).

Aruba and CenTrak have partnered to orchestrate workflows and improve clinical processes by integrating CenTrak Multi-Mode tags, RTLS Monitors and readers with Aruba Wi-Fi.

Check Point

Check Point provides a broad portfolio of software and hardware products to manage and deliver security across networks, cloud services, endpoints, and mobile devices and data.

Aruba and CheckPoint have partnered to leverage real-time user and device context for accurate traffic enforcement policies with ClearPass Policy Manager. Aruba also deilvers secure SD-WAN through an integration with the CheckPoint Harmony Connect cloud security solution.


Aruba and Citrix have partnered to provide network and application solutions for distributed enterprises through Aruba’s remote access solution and the Citrix XenApp® technology, Aruba and Citrix have partnered to enable MDM and MAM context exchange with the ClearPass platform.

Aruba and Citrix have partnered to provide network and application solutions for distributed enterprises through Aruba’s remote access solution and the Citrix XenApp® technology,


Claroty provides a fully integrated cybersecurity platform to provide visibility into industrial networks-enabling cyberthreat protection, detection and response.

Aruba and Claroty have partnered to detect, discover and classify OT/ICS endpoints and share this classification directly with ClearPass for secure and efficient policy creation.


Cloudvue, part of Johnson Controls, offers a cloud hosted smart camera and optional gateway solution for loss prevention and analytics use cases. Their open solution means they support existing camera solutions, avoiding the need for a full rip and replace.

Cloudvue smart cameras can leverage Aruba infrastructure to securely connect to the cloud application they require.


CommScope's network infrastructure solutions help increase bandwidth, capacity, network performance and availability, and energy efficiency.

Aruba and CommScope have partnered to extend high-speed powered connectivity over long distances with Aruba wireless outdoor access points and CommScope Powered Fiber Cable Systems.

Critical Arc

Critical Arc provides a distributed command and control solution called SafeZone, which has been implemented by universities, hospitals, and enterprises globally.

Aruba and Critical Arc have partnered change the way organizations manage safety and security operations across multi-site organizations, with real-time situational with the integration of Meridian location services and SafeZone.


CyberHound provides schools with technology to optimize internet performance, manage online risks, and prevent threats such as cyberbullying and self-harm.

Aruba and CyberHound have partnered to integrate ClearView with Aruba wireless to ensure schools can scan and report inappropriate communications sent over Wi-Fi. We have also integrated with ClearPass to provide advanced threat detection and network access policy enforcement.


CyberMDX provides cybersecurity for medical IT to detect, understand, contain, and prevent cyber attacks in healthcare environments.

​Aruba and CyberMDX have partnered to integrate ClearPass Policy Manager with the CyberMDX platform to enforce security policies across IT and IoMT networks. 


CyberX provides industrial cybersecurity built by blue-team experts with a track record of defending critical national infrastructure for continued IoT and ICS threat detection.

Aruba and CyberX have partnered to integrate ClearPass with the CyberX platform for agentless visibility and dynamic role-based access for seamless security enforcement and response.


Cynerio is the one-stop-shop Healthcare IoT cybersecurity platform with end-to-end, real-time asset visibility into every connected device and a comprehensive suite of clinically-intelligent security solutions that cover every threat vector.

Aruba has partnered with Cynerio to integrate with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager enabling fast and accurate, clinically-contextualized risk identification and healthcare-safe policy enforcement on all medical/IoMT, Enterprise IoT, and OT assets.

DEUTA Controls

Development, production and system integration of building automation and IoT infrastructure components.

System integration of ARUBA access points and EnOcean wireless technology, to use an already in-place network infrastructure to setup a reliable IoT sensors and actuators network.


Datawifi is a company focused on giving value to the data generated by our customers.

Aruba and Datawifi have partnered to use Wi-Fi Networks & Location services to collect high-quality data for understanding customers' profiles, improve communications with them, for the benefit of the business and the reduction of potential customer acquisition costs.


DeCurtis creates agile, product-focused SaaS software solutions for indoor, complex environments in the cruise, restaurant, theme park, hospitality, and lodging industries.

Aruba and DeCurtis have partnered to deliver wayfinding, geofencing, and personnel location solutions for cruise ship deployments that require on-premise applications.


Deloitte is a systems integrator that brings together many solutions to create a full mobile experience to support their customer needs.

Aruba and Deloitte have partnered to create mobile experiences in the Enterprise and Healthcare markets.


Draeger provides medical and safety technology with products that protect, support and save lives.

Aruba and Draeger have partnered to integrate Draeger's Infinity OneNet with Aruba WLAN to ensure that patient monitor data is securely collected with guaranteed bandwidth for critical apps.


EfficientIP provides DNS-DHCP-IPAM services availability, security and agility solutions.

Aruba and EfficientIP have partnered to securely manage user and device access control for enterprise networks. Together, we ensure secure user policy enforcement combined with DNS level event detection.


Ekahau provides wireless real-time location systems based on an open architecture to provide accurate location tracking.

Aruba and Ekahau have partnered to integrate the Ekahau location system with Aruba WLAN infrastructure so customers can utilize Ekahau sensors on Aruba Wi-Fi for precise real-time location.

Eleven Wireless

Eleven's smart Wi-Fi platform provides centralized cloud management for frictionless connectivity and consistent, high performance Wi-Fi across multiple devices and properties in the retail, hospitality, and cruise ship industries.

Aruba and Eleven have partnered to integrate the ElevenOS guest Wi-Fi management system with Aruba wireless to help with property and event management, loyalty systems, and network management.


Elun provides a digital ecosystem for meaningful experiences based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.

Aruba and Elun have partnered to seize context from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, take advantage of the intelligence and offer great experiences in a wide variety of industries.

Emerge Interactive

Emerge Interactive offers cutting-edge tools and apps such as wayfinding and notifications for organizations across all industries.

Aruba and Emerge Interactive have partnered to offer a digital experience that focuses on growing and retaining customers with Meridian.


EnOcean wireless smart building IoT powered by energy harvesting.

Aruba and EnOcean have partnered to enable EnOcean 800/900 MHz and Bluetooth wireless IoT devices, powered by energy harvesting, to interoperate with Aruba access points for smart building applications of any size.


Envoy offers an iPad sign-in experience to seamlessly and securely welcome visitors, from guests to package delivery.

Aruba and Envoy have integrated to enable users to seamlessly provision Wi-Fi to office visitors when they sign-in; protecting their network while providing an exceptional experience to their guests.


Equinix enables digital leaders to leverage network functions virtualization and software-defined networking technologies.

Aruba and Equinix have partnered to integrate Aruba EdgeConnect and Equinix Network Edge to support multi-cloud deployments which demand low latency or high bandwidth between the SD-WAN edge and cloud services.


Extronics specializes in improving safety and efficiency in hazardous areas and harsh industrial environments. Extronics’ range of hazardous area wireless enclosure systems are rugged industrial products certified to ATEX/IECEx and North American standards for use in Gas and Dust classification applications.

Aruba and Extronics have partnered to integrate iWAP Hazardous Area Wireless Enclosures which are certified to ATEX/IECEx and North American standards, with Aruba Access Points for hazardous Gas and Dust environments. Extronics also offers the iTAG X-Range of RTLS tags with Wi-Fi connectivity for personnel tracking which are compatible with Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points.


F5 Networks, Inc. is a global company that specializes in application services and application delivery networking.

Aruba and F5 have partnered to deliver enterprise SLB/ADC with an intregration with CPPM to ensure high-availability of CPPM services.

Facebook Connectivity

Facebook Connectivity works collaboratively with partners to develop and deploy innovative technologies and business models to bring more people online to a faster internet.

Aruba and Facebook Connectivity have partnered to connect and engage users on Wi-Fi infrastructure. With Express Wi-Fi, Aruba and Facebook Connectivity enable Wi-Fi operators to provide great service when and where people need it. With Facebook Wi-Fi, Aruba and Facebook Connectivity enable SMBs to provide an easy guest Wi-Fi experience while increasing customer engagement and awareness.

Faraday Networks

Faraday Networks creates solutions for Wi-Fi management, SOHO mobility, presence analytics, and network monetization through innovative marketing programs.

Aruba and Faraday have partnered to develop guest management and analytics solutions by integrating the Faraday Edge platform with Aruba Central, ArubaOS, AirWave, ClearPass, and Aruba IAPs.


Favendo offers Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) for interior positioning, mobile tracking, navigation solutions for cruise ships and event stadiums.

Aruba has partnered with Favendo to provide an on-premise RTLS solution for cruise ships by integrating Favendo software with Aruba WLAN.

Flame Analytics

Flame Analytics is a Location Analytics and Customer Engagement Platform that generates, measures and monetizes your customer behavioural data, providing customers a personalized buying experience, and equipping Marketing business leaders to transform physical spaces with smart decision making.

Aruba & Flame Analytics have partnered to create a seamless and powerful analytics and digital marketing solution for physical spaces.


Forcepoint delivers risk-adaptive protection to continuously ensure trusted use of data and systems.

Aruba and Forcepoint have partnered to develop a joint solution that integrates EdgeConnect SD-WAN with the Forcepoint Cloud Web Security Service for risk-adaptive cybersecurity.


Fuze enables a seamless transition between calling, meeting, chatting, and sharing powered by an industry-leading intelligent cloud architecture.

Aruba and Fuze have tested and verified solution interoperability between the Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform and the Fuze global cloud communications and contact center platform.

GE Healthcare

As a leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator, GE Healthcare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services.

GE Healthcare biomedical devices can leverage Aruba infrastructure to securely connect to the applications they require.


Google offers centralized administration for mobile device management, user authentication and SSO services, along with a comprehensive portfolio of IaaS cloud services thru Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Aruba and Google have partnered to offer a built-in ClearPass integration for MDM and authentication services. In addition, the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution is certified for deployment on GCP.

Gwa Hygiene

Gwa Hygiene provides user-friendly, assistive technologies for hospitals with a focus on infection prevention and patient safety.

Aruba and Gwa Hygiene have partnered to integrate the GWA Hygiene sensors and analytics platform with Aruba wireless infrastructure for digital infection prevention.


HID, a division of ASSA ABLOY, is a leading supplier of BLE-based IoT location services.

Aruba and HID have partnered to enable HID BLE badge and asset tag data to be collected by Aruba Wi-Fi access points and securely forwarded to HID’s location based services for wayfinding, asset tracking and workflow management.


Hanshow is a global leading provider of electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and smart store solutions

Aruba and Hanshow have partnered to ensure that ESLs can be easily, cost-effectively, and reliably deployed with new or existing Aruba access point. The joint solution is scalable from distributed convenience stores to the largest hypermarkets and big box stores.


Honeywell creates solutions for retail, healthcare, transportation, and logistics to rapidly deploy wireless, intelligent gas detection systems.

Aruba and Honeywell have partnered to integrate Honeywell’s MultiRAE Gas Detection System with Aruba WLAN to improve supply chain operations, efficiency, and user safety.


HYPROS is a German, venture-backed technology company that offers clinical workflow management systems.

Aruba and HYPROS have partnered to provide location services that can be deployed over a hospitals or clinic’s existing Aruba WLAN infrastructure.

IAconnects Technology

IAconnects Technology Limited (iaconnects or IA) realises business benefits for industry by creating, delivering and commissioning non-manufacturer specific building control systems and solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) arena, facilitating efficient operation whilst enabling secure data from sensors and controllers stored locally or cloud based to provide intelligent diagnostics and control, resulting in optimum savings for the operator.

The IAconnects: EnOcean + Aruba IoT starter kit offers a simple solution for testing EnOcean wireless sensors with Aruba Wi-Fi access points plus a 3 month MobiusFlow Cloud subscription (an advanced commissioning solution for the 'Internet of Things' from IAconnects) allowing you to connect EnOcean sensors.

IP Video

IP Video creates IoT sensors for smart building and physical security.

Aruba and IP Video have partnered to certify the interoperability of Aruba infrastructure and IP Video HALO smart sensor for vaping, air quality, environmental, and audio analytics.


Ivanti is an IT software company that produces software for IT Security, IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Identity Management and Supply Chain Management.

Aruba and Ivanti have partnered to offer the integration with LANDesk for CDMB/MDM like policy validation of managed v un0-managed endpoints.


Indegy provides visibility, security, and control across OT environments with the Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite.

Aruba ClearPass has integrated with Indegy to provide comprehensive network visibility, threat management, and validation of configurations in ICS networks.


Using multiple location technologies, IndoorAtlas has a vision is to make all mobile apps location aware.

Aruba and IndoorAtlas have partnered so that the IndoorAtlas solution can take advantage of Aruba APs for location awareness.


Infoblox protects against malware and distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) by automating network control functions.

Aruba and Infoblox have partnered to extend threat prevention via the ingestion of user and device attributes from Aruba ClearPass. Aruba has also integrated Infoblox with Unity EdgeConnect to enable centralized, scalable management of DDI services.


JAMF ​creates Apple management software for enterprise and education customers.

Aruba and JAMF have partnered to integrate ClearPass with JAMF Pro and JAMF school for inventory, deploy, and secure apple devices on Aruba secure networks.


Jeedom develops a multi-protocol, open source, cloud-independent and highly customizable home automation and supervision solution, for Smart Home, Smart Office, Smart Building and Smart City.

Aruba and Jeedom have partnered to integrate Aruba’s access points with Jeedom software and support EnOcean (IOT) protocol for monitoring and controlling connected devices.


Junivo enables brick and mortar retailers to create integrated user experiences that engage mobile customers with enhanced marketing solutions.

Aruba and Junivo have partnered to integrate Aruba’s AirWave Management Platform, Analytics & Location Engine (ALE), Meridian Engagement Platform, and Junivo’s WiFi360 IoT Platform to deliver cloud-based analytics, social Wi-Fi, and personalized engagement to retail and hospitality customers.


Kentik solutions provide real-time visualizations and AIOps-powered insights and automation.

Aruba and Kentik have partnered to enable the monitoring, visualization and reporting functionality of the Kentik platform to align with the unique architecture of the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform.


Kiana Analytics provides patented cloud-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled device detection and presence analytics for security, safety, operations and proximity services.

Aruba and Kiana have partnered to integrate Aruba Analytics and Location Engine with the Kiana software to collect real-time data via WLAN for customer behavior analytics.

Klas Telecom

Klas Telecom manufactures lightweight, ruggedized communications solutions for first responders and law enforcement.

Aruba and Klaus Telecom have partnered to enable Special Operations Forces, U.S. Army, and other national security entities to securely deploy Aruba Wi-Fi, role-based firewall, and VPN terminations in tactical situations using a Voyager Module running Aruba’s TAA-compliant Virtual Mobility Controller software to support up to 32 TAA-compliant Aruba wireless access points.

Lone Rooftop

Lone Rooftop software turns ordinary buildings into intelligent buildings, saving space, time and energy by increasing efficiently.

Aruba and Lone Rooftop have partnered to leverage Aruba Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) data to show facility and real estate managers in real-time how many people are in the building, and where and when they’re present usiing Lone Rooftop Position Intelligence Engine (PIE).


Losant offers an IoT application enablement platform that combines data collection, data visualization, and edge computing for smart building and industrial applications. The solution is cost-effective for small deployments and can scale to handle millions of devices.

Aruba and Losant have partnered to interface the Losant platform with Aruba infrastructure-generated IoT data, enabling customers to easily customize how IoT data are processed and used. Losant is a member of the EnOcean Alliance.


M2Mobi is a European agency that develops leading edge apps for venues including airports and museums on iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Aruba and M2Mobi have partnered to include location awareness in the mobile experience being created within stadiums and museums.


MYSPHERA uses real-time location systems and IoT process monitoring to improve patient care outcomes and the efficient management of resources.

Aruba and MYSPHERA have partnered to enable MYSPHERA BLE tag data to be collected by Aruba access points and securely forwarded to MYSPHERA’s location server without the need for BLE gateways.


McAfee provides a unified, adaptive framework for real time data and endpoint threat intelligence.

Aruba and McAfee have partnered to delivers ePO customers the network policy and NAC platform of choice with Aruba ClearPass. Aruba has also integrated McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service with EdgeConnect SD-WAN to provide proactive detection of zero-day malware.


Medigate offers a comprehensive platform for discovering healthcare IoT assets on the network.

Aruba and Medigate have partnered to integrate Medigate with Aruba ClearPass to accurately identify and assess the risks of all the medical and IoT devices in your clinical network and trigger real-time enforcement of access control policies.


Megaport delivers Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions that enable businesses to rapidly connect their networks to other services via an easy-to-use portal or our open API.

Aruba and Megaport have partnered to integrate Aruba EdgeConnect and Megaport Virtual Edge to support high-performance SD-WAN fabric connectivity to cloud services hosted across Megaport’s global software defined network.

Meridian Kiosk

Meridian Kiosk provides indoor, outdoor, and customized kiosk-based self-service solutions.

Aruba and Meridian Kiosk have partnered to integrate Aruba switches and wireless 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) access points with Personnel Management Kiosks to securely address the need to rapidly deploy real-time workforce entrance portals indoors and outdoors on a temporary or permanent basis.


MicroFocus offers enterprise security management software that combines event correlation and security analytics for real time threat and incident remediation.

Aruba and MicroFocus have partnered to enable message exchange with ClearPass for accurate endpoint actions.


Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that enable digital transformation for the intelligent cloud and edge era.

Aruba wireless and WAN connectivity solutions directly interwork with Microsoft Azure cloud solutions and Microsoft 365 to guarantee optimal performance and user experience. Aruba Central, Aruba IoT Transport, Aruba Edge Services Platform and Aruba ClearPass support a wide range of integrations with Microsoft to provide secure, high performance edge connectivity for users, devices and cloud services. Many of Aruba’s solutions can be found in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


Minew specializes in the design and manufacture of Bluetooth enabled loT devices for use cases such as asset tracking and temperature and humidity monitoring.

Aruba APs are integrated with Minew Bluetooth products by providing support to use the Aruba AP as an IoT gateway.

MobiMESH inPiazza

InPiazza is an AI platform that drives the customer journey for physical venues through Wi-Fi engagement, proximity marketing and business analytics.

InPiazza leverages existing Aruba infrastructure to deliver added value services for business and marketing purposes.


Mobilaris creates location-based intelligence and decision support solutions focused on mining and industrial safety and productivity solutions.

Aruba and Mobilaris have partnered to integrate Aruba wireless and Mobilaris Industrial and Mining intelligence platforms for mining, civil engineering, and industrial applications.

Mobile 72

Mobile 72 offers mobile engagement focused software development that makes museums, hospitals, and hospitality venues easier to get around.

Aruba and Mobile 72 have partnered to create custom location based mobile experiences for our venue, enterprise and healthcare customers.

Mobile Heartbeat

Mobile Heartbeat uses smartphones to optimize clinical communication and collaboration.

Aruba and Mobile Heartbeat have partnered to enable smartphones in clinical settings to communicate with Mobile Heartbeat’s MH-CURE platform over Aruba's Wi-Fi infrastructure, connecting clinicians by unifying communication and collaboration tools under one platform.


MobileIron offers device, app and data management for a mobile workforce where IT-issued and personal devices can access corporate information from anywhere.

Aruba and MobileIron have partnered to enable a built-in, bi-directional ClearPass integration with to deliver enterprise mobility management solutions, including real-time intelligence and control over smartphone content, activity, and applications.

Modo Labs

Modo Labs empowers anyone to create workplace or university mobile apps, no technical skills required.

Aruba and Modo have partnered to support both the Modo University and Corporate Campus platforms- Modo Campus allows you to connect systems and communications to deliver the personalized experiences students demand. Modo Workplace helps employees engage with resources and amenities and supports facilities usage and office system integration.


Mosyle provides the most flexible and best-in-class mobile device management (MDM) solutions for Apple deployments of any size, complexity and industry.

Mosyle integrates with Aruba ClearPass and communicates key details about devices under management, so IT can leverage MDM controls and network access security for Apple mobile deployments.


Mutrack offers a location analytics platform for hospitals that leverages RTLS technology to improve hospital operations and help reduce cost, save time, and boost effectiveness

Aruba and Mutrack have partnered to enhance the use of Aruba Access Points with our intelligent software to keep track of people and assets, increase workflow efficiency and staff productivity through BLE technology.


Netcracker Technology provides a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions and professional services to service providers, enabling large-scale digital transformations for the changing mobile ecosystem

Aruba and NEC/Netcracker have partnered to enable complete lifecycle management of the EdgeConnect solution in NFV environments.


Netregistry offers domain names and web hosting plus all the extras — web design, SEO, PPC, website security and email marketing.

Aruba and Netregistry have partnered to provide a simple and personalized user interface through which IT can quickly and securely manage visitor network access and guests can securely pay for access with ClearPass Guest.


Netskope provides distributed enterprises with visibility and real-time data and threat protection to access cloud services and applications from any device.

Aruba and Netskope have partnered to integrate both Aruba SD-Branch and Unity Edge Connect with the Netskope Security Cloud platforms to help businesses connect branch and remote office locations to Netskope cloud security applications and services.

Nihon Koden

Nihon Kohden is a leading supplier of medical instrumentation including ECG, EEG, EMG, patient monitoring, and clinical information systems.

Aruba and Nihon Kohden have partnered to enable medical telemetry data from mobile patient monitoring systems to be collected by Aruba access points and securely forwarded to associated biomedical monitoring applications.


Nozomi Networks delivers OT and IoT visibility, threat detection and insight to thousands of the largest critical infrastructure sites globally.

Aruba and Nozomi have partnered to integrate the Nozomi Guardian platform with ClearPass Policy Manager for full network visibility across IT and OT networks.


Nutanix product converge compute, virtualization and storage into a single solution to drive simplicity in the datacenter. 

Aruba and Nutanix have partnered to orchestrate and visualize both Aruba CX and Nutanix systems with Fabric Composer incorporating host to network, and virtual to physical.  The Nutanix solution can optionally run on the HPE DX system for customers that want a single hardware platform. Aruba and Nutanix have also collaborated to ensure that Aruba EdgeConnect, Aruba Orchestrator, and Aruba Fabric Composer can run natively on Nutanixsystems running AHV, VMware, or Hyper-V.


OKTA offers identity and access management solutions that delivers simplicity for Single Sign-On and device provisioning.

Aruba and OKTA have partnered to deliver enhanced cloud authentication services and onboarding flexibility.


Oberon, a Division of Chatsworth Products, Inc., provides Wi-Fi access point mounting solutions for every environment.

Aruba and Oberon have partnered to ensure the availability of Oberon mounts and enclosure products for use with a broad range of Aruba Wi-Fi access points.


OfficeApp aims to revolutionize the way office environments are utilized, improved, experienced and built.

Aruba and OfficeApp have partnered to create a Smart Office experience for our customers. With the customizable Officeapp platform, enterprise customers are able to select the features they need to create a great mobile experience for their customers.

Omnitron Systems

Omnitron Systems manufactures power sourcing media converters to connect fiber optic cabling to Ethernet networks. Integrated PoE converters combine high-speed, long-distance communication quality of fiber optics with PoE to supply power to access points and other peripherals.

Aruba and Omnitron Systems have partnered to ensure that integrators have access to a wide range of power sourcing media converters for indoor (0 to +50 ºC) and outdoor (-40 to +60ºC) deployment scenarios. Installation is simplified by the integration of a PoE source into the media converter which results in fewer devices to purchase, mount, and connect.


Opengear enables always-on access and out-of-band management to remotely located IT infrastructure.

Aruba and Opengear have parntered to develop a solution that enables network administrators to remotely access EdgeConnect appliances, diagnose the faults, and work to remediate system issues without going on-site.


Oracle is a cloud computing service offered by Oracle Corporation providing servers, storage, network, applications and services through a global network of Oracle Corporation managed data centers.

Aruba and Oracle have partnered to enable EdgeConnect virtual instances to be installed directly from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace into a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), brining all the advantages of EdgeConnect SD-WAN - including Boost WAN Optimization - into the customers Oracle Cloud environment.


PCTel is a leading global provider of wireless technology, including purpose-built Industrial IoT devices, antenna systems, and test and measurement solutions.

Aruba and PCTel have teamed to ensure that PCTel IoT devices and antenna systems are compatible with a broad range of Aruba Wi-Fi access points and antennas


PacStar delivers advanced tactical and enterprise communications systems to emergency responders and government agencies. The company’s IQ-Core® unified and tactical networks are ideally suited for mission-critical, complex communications requirements.

PacStar and Aruba have partnered to enable warfighters, first responders, Homeland Security, and command-post operators to securely deploy Aruba Wi-Fi, role-based firewall, and VPN terminations in tactical situations using PacStar IQ-Core unified tactical networks.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks provides cloud-centric technology that transforms cybersecurity solutions.

Aruba and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to provide identity-based access policies for employees and guests with Aruba ClearPass. In addition, Aruba SD-WAN solutions are integrated with Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access to provide advanced cloud-based threat detection capabilities.

PatientSafe Solution

PatientSafe Solutions developed PatientTouch, a clinical and collaboration workflow solution to improve staff productivity and clinical outcomes.

Aruba and PatientSafe Solutions have partnered to integrate PatientTouch with Aruba wireless infrastructure for improved voice quality, roaming, and RF performance.

Patrocinium Systems

Patrocinium’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution helps companies understand what’s happening in real-time, mitigate risk, and target their response using cutting-edge visualization and mobile technologies.

Aruba and Patrocinium have partnered to turn the Arc Angel 2d experience into a 3d experience to protect their customers on all locations.

People and Technology

People and Technology is a leading supplier of BLE-based IoT location services and applications.

Aruba & People and Technology have partnered to enable BLE badge and asset tag data to be collected by Aruba Wi-Fi access points and securely forwarded to a cloud-based location engine and mobile apps for material and warehouse management, process optimization, worker safety, and access control applications.


Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people's lives and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum.

Aruba and Philips have partnered to provide advanced lighting controls. Based on ClearPass authentication into a location/area, or the leaving of this area, the combined solution can automatically turn on or off the Philips HUE light bulbs in that area.

Piera Systems

Piera Systems specialize in designing Intelligent Particle Sensors and Air Quality Monitors. Their unique ultra-low-power, high precision, signal processors deliver accurate, detailed data about Air Quality.

Aruba and Piera Systems have partnered to enable air quality monitoring to be directly added to an Aruba AP.

Pole Star

Pole Star provides BLE based location and asset tracking solutions that can accurately monitor people and things for a variety of environments including hospitality, cruise ships, healthcare, manufacturing, and enterprise.

Pole Star’s SDK and suite of RTLS tools enables their platform to be tailored for a variety of customer needs or specialized use cases.

Aruba and Pole Star have partnered to enable customers to run location-based applications on Aruba's high-performance wireless network for both cloud based and on-premises solutions for tracking and wayfinding use cases.


A software development company dedicated to the development of mobile applications, integrating technologies and services.

Aruba and Powersoftec have partnered to create customized fan experience including location awareness.


Purple uses social engagement, marketing tools, and location analytics to provide digital insights from Wi-Fi and location data.

Aruba and Purple have partnered to enable hotspot guest access, extracting user behavioral analytics, and serving targeted marketing messages by leveraging Aruba’s Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) and Aruba WLAN infrastructure.


Rapid7 delivers visibility, analytics, and automation through a cloud platform to allow IT to reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate routine tasks

Aruba and Rapid7 have partnered to integrate Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager and Rapid7 InsightVM to maximize the control of devices accessing resources on your network, protecting against attackers seeking sensitive information

Realife Tech

Realife Tech enables venues to become ‘smart’ by helping them recognize, understand and reward their customers digitally.

Aruba and Realife Tech have partnered to create mobile experiences within large venues which allow customers to interact with their environment.


RedSky Technologies is a leading provider of on-premise and cloud-based E911 emergency call solutions for schools, enterprises, and government facilities.

Aruba and RedSky have partnered to enable e911 location services over Aruba’s Wi-Fi and switching networks. The solution helps first responders find and route emergency assistance using existing infrastructure.


RingCentral enables mobile and distributed workers to communicate through unified voice, video, team messaging and collaboration, conferencing, online meetings, and integrated contact center solutions.

Aruba and RingCentral have partnered to ensure the highest quality voice experience, application performance and availability for RingCentral Office applications running on the Aruba EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN solution.


Robin takes Meridian SDKs and Aruba beacon technology to transform in-room meeting room management for today’s digital workplace.

Aruba and Robin have partnered to allow customers using Robin's conference room booking product to not until understand where the conference rooms are located, but also where they are in conjunction to the room.


RolaTube specializes in proprietary rollable composite materials for physically and environmentally demanding applications.

Aruba and RolaTube have partnered to create ruggedized Wi-Fi rapid deployment kits for commercial and TAA compliant wireless access points.


SES-Imagotag, one of the world’s largest electronic shelf label (ESL) providers, transforms the retail and non-retail sector by offering high-quality solutions and premium products.

Aruba and SES-Imagotag have partnered to ensure that ESLs can be economically, reliably, and securely deployed over retailer’s network in applications spanning from convenience stores to hypermarkets to big box retailers.


SOTI offers management solutions for corporate-owned or BYOD devices, applications, content, email, and security within a single, centralized, all-in-one offering.

Aruba and SOTI have partnered to allow contextual data exchange with ClearPass to control access to network resources based on device identity and posture compliance.


Safectory enables asset tracking and contact tracing using BLE devices and software analytics.

Aruba and Safectory have partnered to deliver efficient real-time location-based solutions that fit many environments and run on-premises.


Saga provides a suite of software solutions centered on real-time event based processing and customer engagement.

Aruba and Saga have partnered to integrate Saga GFence, a transactional-analytical solution, with Aruba’s Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) in real-time to generate reports for line-of-business leaders.


ScienceLogic’s IT infrastructure monitoring and AIOps solution provides visibility across cloud and distributed architectures, contextualizes data through relationship mapping, and enables automation.

Aruba and ScienceLogic have created an integration between SL1 and the EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform, enabling custom dashboards and visualizations of the entire EdgeConnect SD-WAN, while also enabling SL1 to mediate integrations between north-bound IT ops and ticketing systems.


Siemens AG is a 170 year old global technology company focusing on electrification, automation, and digitalization. Siemens is a leading supplier of efficient power generation and power transmission solutions and a pioneer in infrastructure solutions as well as automation, drive, and software solutions for industry.

Siemens and Aruba have a strategic partnership to deliver converged, plant-wide networks that bridge previously separated Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) infrastructures. By offering integrated wired, wireless, and remote access networks with tested interoperability and documented in validated reference designs, Siemens and Aruba help ensure that converged OT/IT systems can be installed rapidly with ease, operated more securely, and supported more efficiently.


Skyfii helps physical venues improve the visitor experience with analytics and engagement software by analyzing visitor behavior to tie in with marketing platforms.

Skyfii and Aruba have partnered to offer an integration between Aruba wireless infrastructure with Skyfii operations and location-based marketing.


SocialSign.In is a leading supplier of on-site marketing and visitor relationship management solutions for the live entertainment, professional sports, commercial real estate, retail and hospitality markets.

Aruba and SocialSign.In have partnered to enable GDPR-compliant data to be captured when users log into the guest Wi-Fi network, informing the delivery of personalized, relevant, and engaging marketing content based on location, and social interests.

Solis Energy

Solis Energy is a global provider of reliable, continuous outdoor power generation and back-up systems for low wattage applications. Products feature robust weathertight construction, auto-ranging 100-240VAC inputs, and wide temperature operation.

Aruba and Solis Energy have partnered to ensure that integrators have a wide range of solar, back-up, and stand-by power options available for outdoor deployments, ideal for both WLAN, LAN, and standard Aruba access point deployments.


SoluM supplies electronic shelf labels to global retailers and offers a wide variety of e-paper, color, and unique form factor tags are complemented by server and management software.

Aruba and SoluM have partnered to ensure that ESLs can be easily deployed over a retailer’s existing Aruba wireless network in hypermarkets, grocery, home improvement, fashion, and department stores of all sizes.


Sonitor Technologies is a leading supplier of ultrasound-based real-time location systems for hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.

Aruba and Sonitor have partnered to enable room-level location data collected by Sonitor ultrasonic tags to communicate their position via Aruba Wi-Fi access points to Sonitor’s SenseVIEW location application.


Spectralink is a global provider of wireless in-building, enterprise-grade voice and data solutions with wireless telephones distinguished by their durable design and long battery life.

Aruba and Spectralink have partnered to secure mobility infrastructure is designed to deliver secure, toll-quality voice by combining wireless LAN performance with seamless roaming, and client-to-core security.


Splunk offers solutions to enable search, monitoring, and analysis of data for reporting and actionable event remediation.

Aruba and Splunk have partnered to offer comprehensive network access authentication and event correlation with Aruba ClearPass.


R. Stahl is an innovator in explosion-proof components and systems for automation, control and distribution, lighting, signaling and alarms for the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries.

Aruba and R. Stahl have partnered to create access point enclosures that enable Aruba products to be operated in hazardous locations of any kind. The solution for Zone 2 is based on a glass-reinforced plastic housings that are 70% lighter than metal cabinets, and pass Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 802.15.4 RF signals without the need for external antennas.

Stanley Healthcare

Stanley Healthcare creates Wi-Fi based location and asset tracking solutions to accurate monitor people and things in multiple environments like healthcare, manufacturing, and mining with indoor and outdoor real-time asset location services (RTLS), long range active FRID, and visibility and sensor telemetry.

Aruba and Stanley have partnered to enable customers to run mobile location-based applications on Aruba's high-performance wireless network, leveraging Stanley RFID badges and tags.


Symantec helps organizations, governments and people secure their most important data with strategic, integrated solutions to defend against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, cloud and infrastructure.

Aruba and Symantec hae partnered to offer visibility of user and device authentication to provides network access control to enterprise resources and applications with the Symantec Endpoint Policy Manager (SEPM) and Aruba ClearPass. To enhance branch security and provide advanced threat protection, Aruba supports SD-Branch integration with Symantec Web Security Service (WSS).


Teem provides intelligent meeting room booking tools and workplace analytics to optimize your business. WeWork is a commercial real estate company that provides shared workspaces for technology startups, and services for other enterprises.

Aruba and Teem have partnered to streamline guest access by enabling Aruba’s ClearPass Guest Access System – in conjunction with Teem’s cloud-based LobbyConnect(LCx) visitor management module - to securely create and manage guest access credentials, print relevant badges, and notify the host of their guest’s arrival. Aruba is also partnered with WeWork for commercial real estate solutions.

Telco Systems

Telco Systems provides innovative CE 2.0, MPLS, IP, SDN/NFV solutions.

Aruba and Telco Systems have partnered to create a joint solution that integrates the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution with Telco Systems’ Verge platform.


Tellabs offers broadband and enterprise solutions with cost-effective and scalable optical network technologies.

Aruba and Tellabs have collaborated to interface Tellabs’ passive optical LANs with Aruba wireless infrastructure.


The Tellus solution monitors and analyzes the health of a person without the use of wearables or video cameras. Tellus provides actionable insights and real-time alerts, improving quality of care and increasing operational efficiency.

Aruba and Tellus have partnered to provide healthcare and long term care facilities a way to leverage their Aruba network to further improve care.


Tenable is a cybersecurity company aimed at epowering organizations to understand and reduce cybersecurity risk.

Aruba and Tenable have partnered to provide Tenable vulnerability scan results to Aruba ClearPass, which are then leveraged to take action based on the access control policies defined.


Theatro provides voice-controlled collaboration applications which connects employees to each other and to critical enterprise information.

Theatro and Aruba have partnered to ensure that Theatro smart devices and apps can be economically, reliably, and securely deployed over retail and enterprise networks.

Thermokon Sensor Technology

For more than 30 years, Thermokon is recognized worldwide for leveraging standards in intelligent buildings with engineering, innovation and quality “Made in Germany”.

Aruba and Thermokon are partnering in order to offer customers and end-users the possibilities of an intelligent building management with a resource- and energy-saving target providing thereby an incredible number of additional smart features. Thermokon is a member of the EnOcean Alliance.


Titanium Intelligent Solutions, an EnOcean Alliance member, builds distributed cloud-based IoT building management applications to monitor, control, and analyze hyper-aware intelligent buildings.

Aruba and Titanium have partnered to integrate Aruba Wireless Access Points with Titanium's building management platform.


TraknProtect is a leading supplier of staff safety and asset tracking solutions using real-time location services and BLE-based tags.

Aruba and TraknProtect have partnered to enable location and data from BLE Staff Safety, Inventory, Room Tray, and Vendor tags to be collected by Aruba Wi-Fi access points and securely forwarded to TraknProtect cloud applications and mobile apps.

Transition Networks

Transition Networks manufactures media converters, power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors, and industrial switches.

The partnership ensures that integrators have a wide range of connectivity, power, and switching options for challenging deployment scenarios by connecting Aruba access points and remote access points to fiber optic networks with integrated PoE.


Ventev provides wireless networking accessories including antennas, attenuators, cables and cable assemblies, connectors, enclosures and mounting solutions, lightning protectors, and survey and installation tools.

Aruba and Ventev have partnered to offer a broad range of mounting, cabling, protection, and power solutions for use with Aruba Wi-Fi access points.

Vocera Communications

Vocera enables instant, wireless, voice communication through wearable Vocera Communications Badges that users control with spoken commands.

Aruba and Vocera have partnered to deliver leading-edge voice over wireless LAN solutions for healthcare and other industries where hands-free mobile communications are considered mission critical.


Wavespot leverages location data to help users understand the physical space, automate location based marketing, improve operations and reduce cost.

Aruba and Wavespot have partnered to integrate the Wavespot analytics platform with Aruba WIFI, beacons and augments data to empower enterprise IT and marketers with actionable and meaningful information.

Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn manufactures innovative medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, cardiac defibrillators, patient monitoring systems, and miniature precision lamps.

Aruba and Welch Allyn have partnered to integrate Acuity Central stations to Aruba WLAN infrastructure, enabling customers to leverage Aruba Wi-Fi for patient monitoring in a shared environment.


Wiliot’s mission is to scale the Internet of Things by connecting people with products using cloud connected, sticker sized, Battery Free Bluetooth tags.

Aruba and Wiliot have partnered to integrate Wiliot energy harvesting tags with Aruba wireless access points. The tags harvest energy from their surroundings (including energy from Aruba APs) and transmit encrypted Bluetooth that can be received via integration with Aruba APs to enable new use cases in multiple market segments.

Wind River

Wind River provides systems software for embedded environments.

Aruba and Wind River have partnered to certify Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution on Wind River Titanium Cloud, offering a variety of benefits to carrier Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) deployments.


Winshine provide smart space and smart medical logistics solutions, It includes space reservation and occupation, environmental monitoring, facility controlling, integrated positioning, and service management.

Aruba and Winshine have partnered to enable Aruba's access points to integrate with Winshine smart sensors, it is a much more convenient, secure and cost-friendly solution. Winshine is part of the EnOcean Alliance.

Wizzie Analytics

Wizzie Analytics, based in Madrid, Spain, specializes in big data and artificial intelligence solutions for real time data analysis.

Aruba and Wizzie Analytics have partnered to apply business intelligence to all types of space utilization challenges.


Xciel designs and constructs rugged safe cases for the Microsoft Surface tablet and Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Aruba and Xciel have partnered to ensure Aruba Wi-Fi works seamlessly with the rubber-enclosed XCiPaD and for secure iPad mobility.

ZF Openmatics

ZF Openmatics ia a product and solution supplier in the global automobile spare part market specializing in ruggedized BLE asset tags to track the location of powertrains, engines, and other industrial goods through logistics chains and manufacturing floors.

Aruba and ZF Openmaticshave partnered to deliver asset tracking solutions that can be economically, reliably, and securely deployed over a site’s Aruba wireless network by leveraging the access points’ internal BLE radios.


Zebra is the global leader in Enterprise Asset Intelligence offering RFID and barcode scanning, mobile computers and tablets, printers, software and location services.

Zebra and Aruba have partnered to offer seamless technology integration, product interoperability, validated reference architectures, direct co-engineering, and escalated customer support.


Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat in an easy-to-use platform.

Aruba and Zoom have partnered to enhance Quality of Service and root-cause diagnostics of Zoom multimedia communications. The combined solution enhances worker productivity by ensuring that network-based collaboration services work at their best.


Zoox Smart creates cloud-based Wi-Fi analytics and engagement platforms to help large venues provide more engaging visitor experiences.

Aruba and Zoox Smart have partnered to integrate Zoox Smart Wi-Fi solution with Aruba wireless infrastructure to offer organizations a captive portal that authenticates guests via social credentials.


Zscaler enables secure digital transformation by rethinking traditional network security and empowering enterprises to securely work from anywhere. The Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) solution provides secure access to the open Internet and SaaS applications – no matter where users connect.

Together, Aruba and Zscaler enable enterprises to implement best-of-breed zero trust and SASE frameworks through integration of ZIA Aruba SD-WAN solutions, enabling an automated, scalable, and cost-effective solution that protects users and IoT at the edge when connecting to SaaS and cloud-hosted applications.


reelyActive is the leader in open source IoT technologies which transform ambient data, enabling organisations to enrich experiences and make better decisions with a sense of who/what is where/how.

Enable real-time location and contextual applications throughout any physical space by forwarding ambient wireless data from Aruba network infrastructure to Pareto Anywhere open source software which provides web-standard APIs and seamless platform integrations.