Small and midsize business (SMB) solutions

In today’s digital-first, always-on world, you need a smart, simple, and secure network solution for growing your business.

Have a business with fewer than 100 employees?

Meet the official network of growing business

Change the game with best-in-class connectivity

You and your connected devices can tap into the fastest speeds automatically, with strong coverage across indoor and outdoor spaces and no traffic bottlenecks.

Get up and running fast without a huge IT team

Whether you’re doing hybrid work, collaborating via video, or running digital events, your network is at the heart of your business. Aruba offers zero-touch provisioning for simple, fast, and error-free deployment.

Protect what matters most

Defend your network and applications from attack from Day 1 by making sure only the right people can access your network and data. With our rigorous access control, you can set read, write, and edit privileges for anyone you choose.

Choose a network that grows with your business

Add new connections any time and grow quickly with built-in, high-speed uplinks, which are all part of our scalable network solutions.

Make your network work for you

Enjoy 24x7 priority access to Aruba Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers, flexible hardware and onsite support options, and total coverage for Aruba products with Foundation Care for Aruba Support Services.

Customer use cases

Balboa Office

Maximizing Balboa Capital’s network performance

Balboa Capital used Aruba Central and Aruba Instant access points at its 28,000-square-foot headquarters on the top floors of a 12-story building, simplifying Wi-Fi deployment, management, and reporting processes.

Expand network operations at Eskridge Lexus with Aruba Instant

By adopting Aruba Instant, Eskridge Lexus gained a simple yet powerful enterprise-grade solution without breaking its budget.

Watch how Aruba helped scale Blue Dog RV’s networks

Blue Dog RV keeps its employees connected with an Aruba cloud-managed networking solution.

Stanley Park High building

Learn how Stanley Park High adopted a mobile-first strategy

Stanley Park High delivers campus-wide, high-performance networking and operations using Aruba Central, giving them a robust framework for network security and access control.

Blue and lime green CWT Globelink logo

CWT Globelink now enjoys seamless roaming on a secure Wi-Fi network

Using Aruba Instant and Aruba ClearPass for secure network access,  CWT Globelink empowers employees to be mobile and more productive.

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