Cloud Networking

Cloud networking increases scale, drives agility, and speeds the delivery of new services. Cloud networking helps IT teams address increasing hybrid workplaces, travel restrictions, and budget demands.

What’s new in Aruba Central cloud 2.5.4?

What is cloud networking?

When it comes to managing a network, you might hear cloud networking or cloud-managed, cloud-based, or cloud-native references. It can get confusing, so we’ve created a page that outlines the basics.

Key benefits of cloud networking

AI-powered troubleshooting and optimization

When considering a cloud networking or cloud-based management solution, administrators must consider zero touch provisioning flexibility, AI-powered troubleshooting, and optimization features. Security and always-on capabilities are essential. Aruba Central cloud offers these features and more.

Gain real-time innovation and automatic bug fixes

With cloud networking, software updates for core management features are automatic. New features and functionality are continuously developed and automatically delivered, allowing IT to focus on introducing new services, instead of planning for downtime.

Utilize advanced technologies faster

Cloud networking is ideal for utilizing advanced technologies such as AI-powered optimization and endpoint profiling features because they’re easily added without the need for physical compute and storage. And it’s as simple as putting your cloud ready infrastructure under subscription to get started.

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